Art Projects

Art History is hugely important because it's the visual record of our human history. No other discipline offers us the ability to see our ancestors - as they looked, where and how they lived and, most importantly, what they saw - both in and outside their own heads. Art’s place in society has always been high. It has the ability to touch a special chord somewhere and draw people to them. Today more than ever the arts are needed as a forum for safe expression, communication, exploration, imagination, and cultural and historical understanding. More and more companies have begun to integrate art into the workplace as they recognize its positive influence on employees, clients and guests. Courtyard Gallery’s consultative approach ensures an open and straightforward process of acquiring the artwork you require for your home, hotel or company. The consultation includes site visits to better understand the client’s needs, space and location analysis, providing a collection of art (or commissioning of original pieces) by renowned artists, guidance through the selection process of choosing quality artwork that meets the style, taste and budget and finally, delivery and installation. Our clients include corporate and individual art collectors from across the world.