Ajith Rajagopal
Ajith holds a degree in Fine Arts from the institute Chamber of Arts, Kerala- India. He has been painting from the tender age of 10yrs, his work is a reflection of his love for Nature and he draws his creativity from his life long experiences and devotion to his hometown of Kerala. The visitor to this show will see vibrant and bold colours expressing the traditions and cultures that has influenced the diverse nature of this Artist’s work. For all the travellers within us that are seeking new visions and experiences, this show is the perfect get away. The Artist has exhibited in over 10 shows in India and also was a part of the group exhibition “Against the tides Art” show last year, here is Dubai. This will be Ajith’s first Solo Art Exhibition in Dubai and it promises a taste of Drama, Love, Passion, Adventure and the flavour of India in Dubai.

Mr. Ashvin
Dr Ashvin Pillai (Ashvin) - a medical doctor and a spiritually inclined autodidactic artist - has been painting since childhood. Emotions, the subconscious and spirituality form the inspiration for his art. His paintings are largely abstract and open to the viewer’s own interpretation. Born and raised in India, Dr Ashvin is currently based in UAE and paints acrylic, inks or mixed media on wood and canvas or anything he can lay his hands on.
Apart from stunning works in oil, artist B'lu (Archana R D) has found her heart's closest hue in the classic vintage appeal of the coffee bean. She makes headlines as the first of her kind 'coffee on canvas' artist. After a successful 13-year-old career in journalism B'lu is now fully submitted to her passion for art. She is currently based in the Middle East, embarked on a journey as an artist entrepreneur who believes in the unavoidable role of art in the society and the immense creative scope of applied arts. For B'lu art is communication where words and reason fail to express.